The Process.

As an art form, fine cheese is directly influenced by the milk that produces it. Flavor is affected by the cow, and what the cows eat. Our herd consists of animals that we have raised from birth to production age. All of our animals are kept on pasture and their diet is supplemented with some grain, hay, and silage. Minimal antibiotics are used in their rearing and care and no artificial hormones are utilized to enhance growth or production. These management practices are the basis for the quality of the milk we use and our cheese making process.

The process begins by the milking of our pure bred cows in our Grade A milking house adjacent to our production facilities. The milk is pumped directly from the cows through a double filtered stainless steel pipe to a sanitized vat in the cheese house where the production of cheese takes place.

To this base we add the finest ingredients as required by our time honored recipes and we begin by hand the process of making cheese.

Each variety of cheese that we make requires salt, rennet, and its own special culture as well as any flavoring we might wish to add. With these simple ingredients and the craftsmanship of our family and helpers, our cheese is manufactured.

All of our raw-milk cheese is stored in a refrigerated unit for at least 60 days to comply with USDA regulations for raw-milk cheese production. However, most of our cheeses, whether made with raw milk or pasteurized milk, are aged much longer in order to enhance flavor.

All our cheese is shipped by UPS and is packed in ice to insure freshness. Our shipping dates are Monday and Tuesday weekly to guarantee that your cheese arrives at your door before the weekend.

NOTE: farmhouse cheese will always vary slightly in flavor because of factors like weather and what the cow eats in the pasture.
Milling the curd
Caressing the curd
Pressing the curd
Aging the cheese
Shipping the cheese

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