Many people love our Kenny's cheese, here are a few...

Here at Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese we take pride in creating a quality product that consumers will enjoy. We often receive letters and e-mails from customers sharing how pleased they are with our cheese. We appreciate all of the feedback we receive, and we want to take the time to share some of the comments with all the visitors of this site. Below are a few that we recently received. Please check back soon to see your thoughts or comments posted!

Hello to the Mattingly Family.

Our family stopped by your farm last Thursday and even though we were after business hours, Mrs. Mattingly graciously showed our children the back rooms were the cheese was prepared and stored. Then she took even more time to serve samples of various varieties of cheese. We did not buy near enough at the time and have run out. We just placed our first order for more.

Thank you again for your hospitality,

The Young Family

We were in Franklin, TN at a farmers market and I tested your aged cheddar. It was the best I have ever had!!! I am from New York State and always purchase our aged and extra aged cheddar. Woe is me...yours is a million times better.

I think I am in cheese love!!!!!

Pate Pies-Helferd

Recieved my order of cheese, and it is great, especially your smoked Gouda. It is much better than some Dutch Gouda I tryed in Holland, MI last year.


Chris Wilson Corbin, KY

Dear Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese,

Thank you so much for welcoming us on your farm! My children thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cheese being made, meeting the cows (even having a calf suck on their fingers), playing on the hay, and sampling all the yummy cheeses that I normally don't buy. Thank you very much for your kindness. We will recommend your cheese to all our friends! And will most likely be ordering our cheese directly from you.

Thank you,
Kerry Cash
Franklin, TN

I am so happy for you all. You have accomplished what I had dreamed about. I eat Kenny’s cheese all the time and I always order dishes containing Kenny’s Cheese in Restaurants and I brag about how good it is. I know it is hard work and time consuming and hopefully it has proven to be a good financial decision. I still sell real estate and I give a basket assortment to my Buyers when they move in. I hope all of you are well. Good Luck.

Betty Moser Largen

Dear Kenny and all,


I just want to thank you for the timely order and the CHEESE, well, perfect doesn't describe it, it's wonderful... I had to try a piece of each. We lived in Germany for about 4.5 years and fell in love with their cheeses, yours has got them matched to the Tee, I tried several of their cheeses. My husband isn't too much of a cheese fan (Velveeta for him) but I love the flavors. Cheese, Wine and a Brochen for me. I usually like white wines, I haven't actually found a good red wine. Can you suggest one? Or, is white just better with cheeses?

I will definitely be ordering more in the future. I'd not bought cheese through internet before but I saw you on RFD-TV and looked you up and ordered, couldn't resist and I'm glad I didn't, resist that is.

I will tell others about your site as well.

Anyway, thank you again and have a Blessed Day,

Diana Boney

Kenny and Family,

I love your cheese! I started purchasing it about a year ago after seeing your brochure in “A Pig And A Peppermint.” The manner in which your cheese is made is what makes it so appealing to my family and me... nonhomogenized, unpasteurized, fresh raw milk from cows who are fed organic hay and corn and are not given antibiotics or hormones. THIS is the way ALL cheese should be made but this is far from ‘the norm’ anymore and often, high quality is sacrificed for high quantity, ultra processed, overly salted cheese. All the Kenny’s cheeses we’ve tried thus far are delicious as well as nutritious and you can trust that we will be loyal to your brand assuming you continue to make it as you always have! At a recent medical appointment, I was told by my practitioner, “It may be hard to find, but buy cheese that is nonhomogenized and unpasteurized as you’ll get the maximum nutrients from it.” Little did she know that this isn’t a hard one for me at all!

Cindy A. Youngblood

I wanted to tell you how much I love your cheese. Two years ago a friend brought some of the white cheddar with basil and sundried tomato to a picnic and I loved it so much. It stuck in my mind and I looked for it whenever I was at a store which sold unique cheese. Finally I called my friend and she told me where she bought it. I drove 50 miles to purchase it but it wasn't there.

Two years passed and I was due to get married this May 3 but one week before the wedding my fiancé had a hydraulic fluid injection into his hand when a hydraulic line ruptured on a bucket truck he was operating. He spent an entire week at the Jewish Hand Care Center Hospital and we didn't know if he would get out of the hospital in time for the wedding or if he would have a left hand to put a ring on. I took a break to get out of the hospital and drove to a local store in Louisville, thought about your cheese and looked for it then. It wasn't there but he and I talked about the cheese while he was in the hospital.

He got out of the hospital one week ago (three days before the wedding with a hand which will be functional) and we had the wedding at Great Saltpeter Cave Preserve in Rockcastle County Kentucky. We were given a wedding gift basket from Sinking Creek Winery and in the basket was a block of your white cheddar. My new husband and I took it with us on our honeymoon and we loved it so much we made it last during the entire honeymoon. I saved the label and as soon as we returned home last night I ordered some of your cheese.

Thank you so much for making great products and making us Kentuckians proud.

Lisa Dawn Brandenburg

After finding your original Gouda in Bardstown several years ago, yesterday I discovered your Kentucky blue and blue Gouda at good foods here in Lexington. The blue Gouda is excellent...but the Kentucky blue is a work of art, sir. Magnificent.

Best to you and yours...
Tad and Elissa

I have to compliment your company. Not only is the product outstanding, your Web site makes it easy to order and your customer service is top notch.

We first purchased your product at the Lexington Wild Oats (now Whole Foods) and at Liquor Barn. It was great so we bought a gift box through your Web site for a friend who is somewhat of a cheese expert. He loved it. Your products were a hit at a wine and cheese party we had last year - so much a hit that one couple drove by your location while on vacation. Unfortunately, they had not planned ahead and you were closed.

Since that time, we have served Kenny's cheese at a number of parties and gatherings. We have another wine and cheese party coming up in a few weeks and more than the wine or food, everyone is looking forward to the selection of cheese (all Kenny's). Even before we placed the order, we received requests -- your Smoked Gouda and Cheddar-Basil-Tomato are crowd favorites. People who don't like bleu cheese love your Kentucky Bleu.

On a couple of occasions, my orders have prompted calls from your staff and I've found both women to be very helpful and friendly.

It's great to see any company excel, particularly a Kentucky business. We just wanted to offer our thanks.

Ted and Ronda Sloan

Dear folks at Kenny's Cheese,

Each week when I go to Good Foods here in Lexington, I pause at the cheese case and select a Kenny's cheese to last us the next few days. A fan of your Kentcuky Rose cheese, and the aged Gouda, and the sun-dried tomato cheese, I tried the swiss a few weeks ago and it's been swiss each week since...and in fact I am munching on the last of a wedge right now as I write this. So gently, richly flavored! Since I tend towards anemia, it's extra good to know that your cheese is made so freshly so that we can obtain the most calcium from it. What a bonus.

We are so fortunate to live in a state so loaded with wonderful, thoughtfully made food: local produce, local meats, local eggs, local flours, local wines all grace our table, and your cheeses right among them. The land of Cockaigne isn't a myth, it's Kentucky.

Very best indeed, and all hail the swiss,

Natalie Ferguson
Lexington, KY

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