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Apple Cheddar - Seasonal
Bits of apple soaked in hard cider, gives this sharp cheddar a tangy bite. This seasonal cheese pairs well with dry champagne, lagers or light beers.


Aged 9-10 months, our brown-waxed Asiago is moister than traditional Asiagos, allowing it not only to be grated but savored on its own. For those who enjoy the rich and nutty flavor of Parmesan and Asiago, but not the hardness. Think pasta, think olive oil, think bruscetta, think red wine.


Asiago - Peppercorn
Whole peppercorns, ginger and garlic add exceptional flavor to our already rich and nutty Asiago. Wonderful to grate in your favorite dishes or to slice and enjoy on its own.




White mould rind. Smooth, creamy texture and distinct flavor.


Barren Co. Bleu
It has a firm yet springy blue-veined interior with a tangy, slightly acidic, ripe flavor. It’s our “Stilton Wannabe”. The perfect after-dinner cheese course, and pairs well with fruits and nuts.


Cheddar - Horseradish
All the deep tanginess of horseradish, without the spice, in our creamy mild white cheddar. Pairs perfectly with all meats.


Cheddar - Tomato Basil
Bursting with basil and, more subtly, sun-dried tomato, this popular cheese offers loads of fresh flavor in every bite. (A little goes a long way alone, or cut into a cream sauce for pasta or fish.)


Cheddar - White
The perfect balance of robust flavor and rich taste, without harsh sharpness or dryness.


Loved for its unending uses, our Farmhouse Colby is extra creamy, fresh, with just a hint of sweetness. Colored with natural annatto seed.


Colby - Chipotle
Loved for its unending uses, our Farmhouse Colby is extra creamy, fresh, with just a hint of sweetness, with the added flavor of chipotle. Colored with natural annatto seed.


Gouda - Aged
Try the more sophisticated and elaborate flavor of our aged gouda.


Gouda - Bleu
The sweet, creamy texture of Gouda accented by the tanginess of Rougefort.


Gouda - Cumin Seed
Cumin seed is added to our authentic Gouda giving it an earthy flavor and elegant appearance.


Gouda - Mild
Evident in its delicate and satiny texture, never "mushy" like processed versions. Mild, buttery undertones. 


Gouda - Smoked
Deep, hickory flavor imparts a smokey essence.


Luscious. All the decadent cream of a Havarti with a hint of tanginess that will surprise and delight you.


Havarti - Garden Herb
Robust, yet not overpowering flavors of chive, shallot, and dill give fresh and dramatic color and flavor to our original.


KY Bleu
Distinctive soft, creamy flavor as it eases into the palette and blossoms into fullness


KY Rose
A lighter bleu cheese - with heavy butter and cream notes up front, middle notes of pecan and finishes with a citrus kind of snap


Monterey Jack
A very mild, pure, but rich cheese.


Monterey Jack - Garlic Paprika
While paprika gives this version its exciting color, it's the garlic that gives it its taste. Still rich in texture, this Jack is for those who enjoy plenty of garlic flavor.


Monterey Jack - Jalapeno
Speckled with medium-spiced red and green jalapeno peppers, giving just enough spice to the creamy original.


Rich and creamy Tomme style cheese. Made from our double cream Awe-Brie curds - firmer texture


Our version of Gruyere. It has a nutty, slightly sweet taste with complex musty and mushroom notes. Wonderful to eat on its own, and is delicious when used in a fondue.


St. Jerome
It’s washed rind is smooth and leathery. The cheese is pale yellow in color and has a full, robust flavor with depth in the back of the palette. While creamy and butter-like, it is firm enough for slicing.


Our unique Jarlsberg-style Swiss with a nutty, buttery taste and honey undertones. A surprisingly soft texture, never dry or too bitter, with an exceptional depth of flavor.


Old World Style Cave Aged Cheddar


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